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16 x 20 unframed original oil on canvas

plein air Ghiradehli Square  San Francisco


I grew up in the Bay Area and this was a place that I used to frequent often with my parents on weekends.  My husband and I made a visit for his birthday a couple years ago and this scene was so majestic that I had to get out there and paint it.  There is a park just in front of Ghiradehili Square with long piers where people walk and bike.  This was the first time that I walked to the end of the pier for a different perspective on the sailboats.  It felt like I was so close that I could touch them.


San Francisco is the port that we came through when my parents and I immigrated here in 1967.  I was Canadian, my mother English, and my father German.  San Francisco is where we lived the first 16 years of my life before moving to Tucson, Arizona.  


It is hot and brown in Arizona most of the year and this painting is a nice escape to another reality. 


As the artist I retain all rights to the image.  This is not a print this is the original painting.  This painting would need to be framed. 



San Francisco Sailboats

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